Life: the Bar Soba black card Leeds launch night

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With the dark, winter nights drawing in, it’s becoming a barrier for a blogger who relies on natural lighting (like moi). However, when a venue comes to life with outdoor warmth shining through it becomes even more difficult to capture the essence in its finest hour of glory.

Last week I was thrilled to be asked along to Bar Soba for its Black Card launch night – an exclusive discount which offers 30% off food and various other benefits for the hidden gem on one of the most popular parts of Leeds’ night life; Merrion Street. Admiring the fellow local bloggers’ pictures from the previous Bar Soba event I unfortunately missed out on, I couldn’t wait to delve deeper into the intriguing loft and see that incredible interior for myself.



Luckily, before the crowds rushed in and dusk drew in, I managed to snap a few photos and make the most of the open space I could only ever dream of. Without a doubt, the decor inside of Bar Soba is seriously stunning; the huge glass roof featuring structured ceiling windows, the familiar, industrial lighting, the perceptible bar area and the amazing, artistic murals covering the wall (which actually light up once projected at night time, eeeek) really do bring the place to life. I may or may not have even been too enthralled in my own presence to appreciate the cocktail we were kindly greeted with as we entered. It took me a good few minutes to settle back on planet Bridie whilst I waited for the others to arrive but it did give me a chance to perch myself down and slowly sip my drink to ensure nobody was going home light headed that night. The Drumstick Caipriovska cocktail was super tasty but had a double load of vodka topped up with sweet syrup and lime juice and I didn’t want to be the lightweight who can’t handle even the slightest bit of alcohol. The highlight was of course the drumstick placed on top to match the intended taste which did definitely have a hint of the chewy goodness. Best idea ever, right?!  

Of course drinks aren’t only Soba’s speciality; their Pan-Asian street style cuisine is a hit with the public and we were able to try out some of their signature street food from the new menu. By this time, it was only me and Kayleigh on board so we decided to take the best seat in the house (and discover a secret cocktail recipe whilst we were at it: squish the berry, mush it into the drink and you have triple the fruitiness… they don’t name Kayleigh Very Berry Cosmo for nothing I’m telling you). Canapes were on hand all night and we grabbed the freshest of the bunch by sitting right beside the kitchen, thus getting fed quicker (result!). First up there was the fish and sushi dishes which I swiftly avoided as if anyone knows me well, they’ll know I can’t stomach any sort of fish but they seemed to be enjoyed thoroughly by those who do. Secondly, there were Vietnamese crispy fried chicken wings coated in a hot and sour sauce which were delicious albeit a little too sticky for Mrs clumsy fingers here. As the plates were brought out, the food seemed to be getting tastier; after the chicken wings came seasoned chicken satays with a unique but sublime peanut sauce. Then lastly, my definite favourite of the night, corn fritters and a roasted butternut squash and sweet potato roll which were absolutely spot on. Being a big veg lover, I couldn’t get enough of that combo!

As the night rolled on, the music and the chatter got louder, cocktails and canapes galore (and going down a treat may I add) Leanne, her friend Lorrain, and Deimante decided to join us. Whilst they indulged in some more cocktails, I stayed the bore that I am and continued to be behind the lens in attempt of capturing the whole night vibe of the bar. I did try but I couldn’t quite conquer the cosy, chilled feel, although the lighting looked twice as pretty. It was lovely to have a much needed catch up with the girls whilst getting weighted on and just enjoying a relaxed Friday evening.

I loved everything about Bar Soba, from the set of old and new upbeat tunes they played, to the food and drink served and the generally great atmosphere itself. It’s the perfect cross between classy and cool and I think it’s just become my new favourite hangout! I never knew there was such a beautiful eating area with a choice of rooms upstairs, as well as a traditional bar downstairs. I’ll certainly be heading back there as soon as possible, especially to make good use of my black card. Thanks so much to the Pink Gorilla team for inviting me down and to the lovely Bar Soba staff whom were on their feet all night providing us with nothing but divine treats. I had a fab time!

Have you been to any of the Bar Soba venues, either in Leeds or across their Scotland chain?


Hope you all have a brilliant weekend and don’t forget there’s still plenty of time left to enter my Paul Mitchell giveaway.

Bridie x