Summer To Autumn: The Transitional Primark Haul

Hello and happy ‘it’s nearly Friday’ you lovely lot! What better way to kick off October on my blog than with another one of my signature Primark hauls? As we transition into autumn it’s awkward to conjure an outfit that fits both the weather condition and your inner style which means it’s best to always head to the safety net of shopping – the place where you can pick up anything from versatile basics to a couple of printed pieces and wild risque’s out of the box – and of course, that place is good ol’ Primarni. 

Most of my wardrobe is made up of Primark garments and I’m not even ashamed to say it. No longer is it known as this cheapo alternative but an open invitation to build up your wardrobe with some quality, simple, sturdy and sometimes adventurous attire along with those bargains which will last you a lifetime. These bits I’ve gathered are from the past couple of months which means there’s a mix of end of summer hues over to some autumn/winter layers that have you geared up for the chillier months. Of course there’s the odd homeware segment and accessory thrown into the mix (because is it even a Primark trip if you don’t visit and swarm that area?!) but overall it’s just a general collection of the clothing I’ve tried hard to stroll past and ignore but have been so drawn in I just can’t say no to my subconscious. And shoes, lots of shoes

My ultimate favourites have to be the amazing contrasted silver and gold boots which scream the dream at an affordable price, along with the denim jacket I’ve never had off, the rusty gold pyjama shirt (which just so happen to be bang on trend right now) and evidently the pinterest-esque notebooks which will make a great addition to a shelf arrangement even if they don’t get written in. Now we’re moving in to the dark nights and the cold mornings, I’m 100% sure there’ll be another trip to Primark towards the end of the year, especially now the coats are slowly but surely soaring in. Although from my visit to Manchester last week, it seems I need to make that 55 minute train journey to stock up on everything I thought my local Leeds one had. A Costa, a nail bar and items that are nowhere to be seen back home? I was in awe-like heaven! Primark; you’re forever outdoing yourself.

Have you been Primark hauling recently?

Bridie x