Autumn Rain

Posted on 2 min read

DRESS – Primark // SHOES – Topshop via eBay // BAG – eBay

It’s safe to say, Autumn has officially kicked in! The temperature has dramatically decreased, the rain is pouring, the days are duller and the nights are darker. For me, this can go two ways; I’m glad it’s got to the point I can curl up in front of the fire with a hot chocolate and huddle under the duvet to get warm instead of being too sweaty and uncomfortable, but I’m not impressed that the opportunity to take my outfit pictures outside is slowly but surely fading away. This can only mean one thing, the quality of my pictures becoming poorer because of the appalling lack of light in my house and me having to stand in the doorway of the kitchen to try and let as much natural light in as possible so for that, I do apologise.


One thing that is appealing to me however is the A/W Collection in Primark at the moment, I think they’ve seriously upped their game lately. Recently I bought the £8 dresses that everyone seems to be hyping about, this one and the monochrome floral one (which I may feature in a future outfit post). I love everything about this dress, the simplicity of it, the style, the way it looks more of a Topshop tea dress than a Primark item and the colours that match my trusty brown t-bar shoes. It’s not an over accessorized outfit as I think the dress looks much better bland and on its own but it’s an outfit that can be worn both ways with the indecisive British weather; with a jacket or without a jacket and with tights or without.


Have you got a favourite A/W Collection at the moment? I can’t wait to have several browses round the shops as the months get colder, even though I really shouldn’t as I don’t think my wardrobe or my debit card can take much more. I think window shopping is the best option for me!


Lots of love…


P.S: Another update on the couple of new things added to my blog; a brand new blog button created by yours truly and a Facebook page I made especially for my blog. I thought it would be much better that way so I can update my posts to there even though I really don’t know why I bothered as Facebook seems to be getting more irrelevant as the years go on ha ha.