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my first post – the ones that mean the most

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So this is my first blog post and I’m excited, yet apprehensive on how my blog will turn out as the weeks go on. To start with, I thought I’d do a slightly different post to what I have planned to blog about, just to introduce you to who I am. I’m going to start off with a lifestyle post, and I’m going to show the ones who mean the most (hey, that rhymes).

If you’ve read my ‘about me’ page, you’ll briefly know who I am, but you won’t know who these ‘friends and family’ are I’m talking about. Well here I’m going to guide you through the important ones in my life…

My Grandma Mavis (left of me) and my Mum Mandy (right of me),
the two most important and inspiring ladies in my life. I honestly
would be nowhere without them, they are my angels.
My brother, Harvey. We may fight like cat and dog, but we also
laugh like hyenas. He’s like my partner in fun times, and life would
be boring without him.
ON THE LEFT – my dear Dad who we lost on the 26th March 2009,
it’s an understatement to say he’s always in my heart and mind. I
miss him so so much but the memories will stay with me forever. ♥ON THE RIGHT – my Grandad Peter, my loving Grandad who we
lost on the 17th November 2011. There’s not a day goes by where
we don’t think about him, talk about him, pay him a visit and
always remember his comical, gentleman ways.
My beautiful cousin, Olivia, who is only 9 but acts way older
than me in every way. She’s a cheeky little mare but she’s
just like my little sister and we share so much in common.
Love her loads!


The most adorable children you could ever meet, my two second cousins; Laila and Bentley.

ON THE LEFT – Bentley John, I just want to eat him up when I look at his overly
cute face and huge blue eyes. He’s such a loveable little boy, always hugging
and kissing you and when he’s not doing that, he’s making you laugh by being
over dramatic, crazy, greedy, and walking around with women’s shoes and handbags.

ON THE RIGHT – Laila Mae, my favourite little girl. For some reason, she’s
obsessed with me and is always asking for me but maybe that’s because
she’s also like my little sister and like a 3 year old version of me.
Loves shopping, doing her makeup (as you can see) and loves
to sit and have a girly chat with you. Her little giggle honestly
makes me melt and she’s just the cutest when she tries to scare you!


ON THE LEFT – my Auntie Linda, the most hilarious and kindest woman you
could wish for. Always thinking of other people instead of herself and always
there to come out with the craziest things to crack me up! She’s like my
second mum 🙂

ON THE RIGHT – an even funnier person, my Uncle Steve. He’s so random and
such a wind  up but he’s a lovely man with a lot of achievements to be proud of.



My cousin, Corbin. I may not see him much anymore but when I do, he has
me in stitches. We were inseparable when we were young, we went through
school together in the same class and form every time and he’s always been
there to just boost the energy levels to a high (when he’s not sleeping!)


The friends that mean the most.

ON THE FIRST LEFT – my best friend, Chloe
(you can find her here We started
chatting online about two and a half years ago and now we’re closer than
ever. She’s the one I trust, the one I can speak to about anything and know
she’s listening and the one who understands me. We share the same loves
and have had some of the best times together. There’s certainly many
more to come!

ON THE FIRST RIGHT – Chelsea, Sophie, me and Chloe. Sophie and
Chelsea are most definitely my best gig friends. Such lovely girls who are
so fun to be around, I always look forward to seeing them next.

ON THE BOTTOM LEFT – crazy Gemma and I. Complete loud mouth but a
brilliant one at that! I mostly see her at gigs and radio tours but I have
spent time with her away from that and she’s just as genuine as she is
when we have a laugh together seeing our fave bands.

ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT – Ellie, Jess and Alienor. I only met Ellie a
while back but I’ve known Jess and Alienor for a couple of years now.
We’ve had some great times and they’re such sweet girls.


This may seem weird to most people, but these boys honestly do mean the
world to me no matter how many ups and downs there is being a The Wanted
fan. I was at breaking point before they came along and they gave me so much
of my happiness that I shall keep for life. I met all the above friends through
them, I’ve had some of the best memories because of them and I know
I can always count on them and their stupid ways to cheer me up and be
there for me, even if they don’t  know it. They’re the most down to earth
people with hearts of gold no matter how much bad press they get, it’s all
false. They’ve made me feel so special when I’ve met them, they care so
much and their gigs are my favourite things on this earth!
They shall always be part of who I am.
Another bunch of boys who have had an impact on my life.
The Lawson boys (from left to right), Andy, Ryan, Adam and Joel.
The loveliest, most genuine people you could meet.
I’ve had some amazing times with them, meeting them and at
their gigs and they’re so bloody talented. They have also brought me
closer to my friends and introduced me to more amazing people.
They deserve every inch of success!

So there you have it, my mini introduction telling my followers to be what you need to know about me and the people around me. I can’t wait to get started on my next post!

Lots of love…