& Other Stories Spring Sale Wishlist

It’s been a long while since I’ve put together a wishlist post – since Christmas in fact, which makes this one all the more fitting to publish as I accumulate spring inspired pieces from the annual sales and at least try and convince myself we’re over the worst of the unseasonable weather (the single digits and weekend threats of snow say different but i’ma just pretend there’s hope of being warm for a second, okay.)

& Other Stories┬áisn’t a place I usually head to, not because it’s not my thing but because it’s totally my thing and that’s the problem. For your average gal, it’s a little pricey, which means the Swedish inspired attire is typically admired from afar as a tear rolls down my cheek flipping from my bank balance to the latest raved about garb in the blogosphere. BUT, of course, this is where the sales work their magic – giving lil old me an opportunity to bag a couple of staple items to add to my now pretty limited wardrobe at a bargain discount price to my advantage.

I can get a bit spendy happy when the sales are on so I have to curb my habits as best as I can manage. I’ve gotten better at sticking to a recurring theme (so much better in fact I’m planning on writing a post about how I cut down on buying clothes, do let me know if this is something you’d be interested in reading!) so I have a clear idea what I’m reaching for, now.

In this case it’s an eclectic mix of basics and statements that aren’t only perfect for the winter to spring transition, but which stay a la mode for a good proportion of time. The presentable formal items are a firm favourite of mine, and I absolutely adore the colour of the wrap over dress! The out there, vivacious prints and bold, jazzy colours are something I’m interpreting more into my everyday style – and as for cosy knits, you can never go wrong no matter what time of year. At the top of my list are the fluffy bright pink block heels; just imagine how amazing they’d look on top of a tan strutting down some sunny Spanish streets.