All laced up

DRESS – Missguided // SHOES – ASOS // CLUTCH BAG – Vintage via eBay // TIGHTS – Primark // BRACELETS – Primark // RING – Sammy Dress // NECKLACE – Vintage // NAILS – Topshop Daredevil

How are we all? I hope everybody had a fantastic Christmas. I certainly did, the day was fun packed with the usual family madness, rewarding happiness, and plenty of food (of which I’m still consuming thus feeling as though I have my very own food baby growing) but the best news is, I finally managed to get together a long processed outfit post. The pictures aren’t massively good quality but they’ll do, I guess. This was the outfit I wore to a Frank Sinatra tribute night on the 21st accompanied by my wonderful family and a few family friends. The night was splendid, it was one of my favourite nights in a long time. As you sat formally at the table indulging in the three course meal, then switching to soaking in the music and the vibe of an impersonation of ol’ blue eyes himself, it was not only engaging but it was also extremely enjoyable (especially for an oldie lover like me). It started off with admiring the delectable representative 50’s and 60’s era that the mood put across and then ended with a whole crowd of us and random strangers forming a line to New York, New York. For those few hours, it didn’t feel as though I was living in 2013, it was as though I’d stepped back in time where everybody was suited and booted, out dancing to jazz music with only romance, manners and a damn good time on their mind. Phil Fryer adopted the look and sound of Sinatra perfectly, and most of my family and I were left once again wishing our generation was still like how it was in previous years. If you love that sort of thing and love to glam up for a special night, I’d certainly recommend going to a tribute night of this kind. It’s great fun!

Now on to the dress, I had bought it a while ago when I was having my daily browse of the Missguided website, as you do. I’m a sucker for their etiquette dresses, and this fit the bill radically. The lace detail is so beautiful and the underskirt making it into a puffball dress adds to the prettiness. As a matter of fact, I felt a bit like a princess but a comfortable one at that. It’s a tad low cut so I was conscious my chest would pop out at any minute but my grandma stitched and sorted that out for me, well the best she could have done. I didn’t want to go too over the top so I stuck to plain black heels and a simple clutch bag which I managed to grab from eBay for £2.50 (bargain!). The Marilyn Monroe necklace has been featured on my blog before and thankfully it did match perfectly with the dress. I finally reveled in some Topshop nail varnish which was the most apt match to the dress and I finished off by waving my hair with my brand new Enrapture Totem Styler that I was allowed to open as an early Christmas present (of which I’m absolutely loving may I add).

In the next few days, I have more fulfilled plans (and tons more food to devour which is going to have to lead on to a strict diet in 2014). I am seeing the new year in/celebrating my mum’s birthday with my immediate family at a posh hotel and am spending New Years Day with said family too. I’m just hoping I manage to avoid this horrible sickness bug that’s going round us all and has now reached our household because it’s always our luck for illness or general disaster to ruin it when we’re going somewhere. However, thinking more positively (which is rare, I know), I am aiming to gather all my fabulous Christmas presents together and mark down that post, I’m thinking of putting my new years resolutions down onto paper and sticking to them this time and finally, I’ll be intending on taking pictures of my second classier outfit (which coincidentally is also from Missguided) that I will be wearing on New Years Eve to show off to the world. I hope everybody else is as busy as me (or maybe not in some terms as the past week has totally exhausted me) and also has an excellent, final celebratory day of the year doing the things they love and cherish! 

Lots of love…