Here’s where I try and amaze you with some extravagant facts about myself but then realise I’m really not that interesting and what you see is what you get.)

Hello and welcome to, previously The Same Old Chic, and Upon My Sleeve, and Oh So Bridie. My little old blog has been on quite the journey but now I feel I’m satisfyingly settled with my place in the blogosphere and the niche I’ve developed in this endgame chapter.

If you’re not familiar around these parts than I deeply apologise on behalf of everyone for stumbling across this average northern girl who tries to be funnier than she actually is (I’m kidding… I think). I also embrace you with open arms and really hope you like what you see.

I’m Bridie, I’m 24, and I reside in Leeds where I’ve lived all my life, and which has become a source of my integrity as I find beauty and potential in a city I call home.

Let me take you on a short history trail. I  started my blog back in 2013 after browsing through a variety of blogs for inspiration and knowing it would be something I’d enjoy doing in my spare time. What started off as a hobby has now become a huge part of my life, an income and essentially a step in the direction of where I want my future to take me.

I’ve improved, learned, matured, and evolved both diplomatically, intellectually, and creatively since the days of grainy photos in collages and a five pound bag (yes I really did dedicate an entire post to a mediocre handbag). What hasn’t changed, however, is my tendency to go with the flow and incorporate whatever I fancy talking about in my writing. I like to think I’m an all rounder and that when you’re reading my posts it feels like a comfortable chat with your good friend instead of a stranger on the internet.

Since I started blogging the competition has risen extortionately and I find it is often hard to stand out in such a huge community but it only provides more determination for me to keep producing original content I’m proud of, to strive and reach for the top. As the years have flown by and I have taken myself more seriously I have seen positive results and opportunities I could only imagine a lifetime ago, and this is what I want on a permanent basis.

What’s gone from purely basic fashion and beauty and restaurant reviews has developed into tackling real life issues, my personal struggles as a stroke survivor, a mental health advocate, and a feminist, explored life as a Leeds lass, the local events, travel adventures, and places to stay, my love and passion for photography and even tips and advice for others in everyday life.

My brain is constantly generating fresh ideas and now I’m happy with my branding I feel this will only improve. This exclusive space on the internet I call my own is an achievement for me to hold on and I hope it pursues for years to come.

(Whether or not that’s truly great or truly terrible, you can decide.)