outfit shot of me in the sun with a baker boy hat and spotted crop top
I’m Bridie. Or more specifically, Bridie Mia. My established branding and my actual first and middle name as my outlandish surname doesn’t quite have the same ring to it (thanks, Mum and Dad.)
‘A twenty something average Northern girl, low-profile quipster, and Leeds based blogger in a non stop existential crisis’. If there was ever a sentence to describe me, that would be it; and that’s exactly where my content derives from.

I’m a stroke survivor, a central pain battler, chronic oversharer, pretty much the human version of wonky veg. If I’m not spouting verbal diarrhea over on Insta stories, obsessing over a trendy print clash, or overthinking every minor detail of my life, I’m out there promoting optimism and realism to a timely extent.

Let me take you on a short history trail.

I happened to stumble across blogging in 2013. Back when grainy collages, untouched brows, photographing your outfit in the corner of your bedroom, and dedicating an entire post to a five pound bag was cool (no, seriously, here’s the proof!) browsing through a variety of blogs, knowing it would be something I’d enjoy doing in my spare time, I thought “why not” and then the mediocre but defining magic occurred from there.

We’ve come a long way since then. There’s boss babes out there with a full time career in blogging and content creating; winning awards, gaining momentum through book deals and clothing collections, travelling the world, and making a famous name for themselves. I’m not there yet, nor do I think I ever will be but I’m 100% comfortable with the position I’m in.

Blogging started off as a hobby, a sense of purpose for a young girl who felt isolated because of her health problems and lack of ability to perform like a ~normal~ millennial. Now I embrace it. I graft from home in social media, freelance writing, and styling, with blogging as a side biz. I’ve worked with brands I could only dream of a lifetime ago, been handed out opportunities I couldn’t ever imagine, and attended events as a genuine VIP. It’s a huge part of my life, where I am, who I represent as an individual, and a step in the direction of where I want my future to take me.

I’m not a super glamorous Instagram model with treble (or even double k) follower digits.

Most of the time I’m tapping away on my laptop bare faced, rocking one week old hair, surrounded by chocolate wrappers, in the family home I’ve grown up in and the city I’ve resided my whole life which is now a source of my integrity as I find its beauty and potential. And as I’ve grown up, I’ve grown as a person. Evolved into a better, wiser, more intellectual human shoving trauma to the back seat and saying hello to this fresh, full gusto of championing the value of human life.

What hasn’t changed, however, is my tendency to go with the flow and incorporate whatever I fancy talking about in my writing. On Bridie Mia you’ll find a balanced mix of OG old school documenting and modern glossiness. I like to think I’m an all rounder and that when you’re reading my posts it feels like a comfortable chat with your good friend instead of a stranger on the internet. I’m passionate about passing my introspects on to you. Providing food for thought and a fresh outlook as you go about your daily commute and casual reading habits. To spur you on for the day. I envision an individual nodding along with every line read, sharing with their friends, and coming back for more. I’m an avid advocate for direct and openness to welcome in that new light.

That’s what my aim is to do, broaden the spectrum and develop an online presence people can relate to. Using my unique condition and my story as a foundation to my creative work. Utilising my exclusive experiences to help, inspire and empower others by touching on and tackling personal, controversial, popular, and issue-led topics, along with some random, light-hearted, informative and flippant natters.

My endgame is to just keep producing original content I’m proud of. And I am. This is my dedicated space on the internet I call my own and that in itself is an achievement for me to hold on to. Putting my thoughts into words is my outlet, not just for myself, my energy and enjoyment, but for others to connect with.

So, come on in. Have a chat. Look around. Leave your mark. I embrace you with open arms and really hope you like what you see!