A very black and white Primark haul

The only time I seriously consider YouTube is when I’m well and truly shopped out Primark style. My awkwardness, clumsiness and god awful voice is pushed to the back of my mind because all I want to do, for once in my life, is to display the array of Primark finds in suitable lighting with me giving a real demonstration on how they look. I find photographing clothing and accessories way harder than photographing products but hopefully you get the jist of what I’ve picked up on yet another over-spendy Primark haul. 

That jist being near enough all black and white; I’ve always loved basic black and white clean cut colours but my love just keeps on growing, especially when I ‘just pop’ into Primark. I think I’m now at that point where I spend half my life trailing the 3 floors of Trinity browsing the freshly new, modern and recent stock that just keeps on building (seriously, every time I go in there, it’s being updated with something new that I just can’t resist!). You must be telling a few porkies if you say you can enter Primark with the intention of just purchasing the necessities you went in for because once you’re in there, it’s like a force is vigorously pulling you towards every inch of goodness. Even the rails you aren’t particularly appealed to, you still have to route through just in case you miss anything and then have to face the fact you may never see it again.

Lately, I’ve been drawn towards the homeware and the shoe department in Primark. They have some really lovely unique and reasonable pieces to brighten up your home and the same goes for the shoes. Their current sandal game is extremely strong, whether that’s a flat sandal or a block heel, there’s just about every choice visible. As you can probably see, this reflects in the following unveiled list…

From left to right: black pointed heels – £12.00 | tan block heel sandals – £14.00 | rose gold sliders – £8.00 | white sliders – £4.00 | snake print sandals – £4.00

throw blanket – £3.00 | patterned mini drawers – £5.00 | pineapple candle – £2.00

small cosmetic bag – £3.00 | earrings – £2.00

jacquard bag – £8.00

grey/ice blue bag – £8.00

monochrome bikini top – £8.00 | monochrome bikini bottoms – £4.00

geometric skirt – £4.00

striped high neck knit – £5.00

black polo neck top – £8.00 | monochrome striped knit – £12.00

white boho crop top – £5.00 | black boho crop top – £5.00

cream scuba coat – £23.00 | d-ring waistcoat – £17.00

navy blanket wrap coat – £10.00 (sale) | v neck d-ring top – £10.00

emoji t-shirt – £6.00 | striped night shirt – £8.00

white cotton trousers – £7.00

I don’t think I’ve ever been this pleased with a Primark haul. Apart from the odd unavailable size (like the white version of the high neck top I was wanting) I managed to collect lots of brilliant value, gorgeous items that will see me through to the spring/summer. I very nearly jumped for joy when I spotted the waistcoat and the scuba round neck coat (one left in my size, if that isn’t fate waiting for me then I don’t know what is!) and I didn’t hesitate in chucking them in my basket with the rest of the tangled mess that was weighing my hands down. The d-ring style which is around everywhere at the moment is such a classy detail that can make or break an outfit and this one is almost identical the Topshop one! They had the exact same one in black and it took so much power for me to discipline my spending needs (but it hasn’t taken away the fact I am still lusting over the black version). The coat is also a great dupe of this current Zara one and that’s what I love so much about Primark; almost three quarters of the price but still a decent quality and not cheap looking in the slightest. There’s nothing better than a member of the public asking where you got *insert said item here* from and you smugly answer, “oh, it’s only Primark”, like the ultimate goal has been met right there and then.

Once again, I definitely do have to clarify this wasn’t all bought at once, it’s been spread out over the last few months and has mainly been bought through the funds of my eBay selling talents (although who needs an excuse when Primark’s involved?!). Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t look like my spending stops there as Primark have released a sneak peek of their summer stock and there’s some serious soul pleasing bikinis and beachwear on there. I’ve already began a small amount of my summer shopping but I think I can always rely on Primark to give me that final push.

Have you picked up anything in Primark, lately?

Bridie x