A singleton’s Valentine’s Day spent with Lush

Everyone bring out the violins, I’m single once again for Valentine’s Day. To be quite honest, it’s starting to become the norm. I haven’t had a date now for 21 years (yes, I mean my whole life *sobs discreetly into a pillow*) and I’m beginning to get used to it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll have to face the real truth and listen to my daunting thoughts and fears of being left alone with only 50 cats to accompany me. Despite my believing Valentine’s Day is a commercialised money grabber, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me; seeing all the lovey dovey couples celebrate their love, their engagements and their new baby announcements, red roses being personally delivered by hand, restaurants being fully booked with kisses and hand holding and having hearts, balloons and advertisements being rubbed in your face wherever you go certainly brings out my inner Bridget Jones’ attitude towards love.

However, aside from the negativity, I’m also a firm believer in getting just as much out of Valentine’s Day as a singleton as you would if you were taken. Take advantage of the offers, the half price chocolates and flowers, and most importantly – use it as an excuse to pamper yourself! It’s familiar knowledge to those who know me that I can always count on Lush to provide some indulgent treats for me to enjoy and never be disappointed by. When a season or specialised day comes along, I always look forward to seeing what limited collections they have in store for us and I think, the current Valentine’s Day themed goodies may be one of my most rated. As I bobbed into the heavily scented, fun ridden shop the other day, I had in mind what I’d like to pick up and was in and out in a dash. A Lush bubble bath is heaven in my eyes, there’s nothing like a good, long soak to wash away your troubles and leave your skin feeling refreshed, silky and massaged in luxury oils. The Unicorn Horn and Heart Throb bubble bars took my fancy and that’s not just because of the pretty colours, glitter and character (okay, maybe it is) but that’s one thing I love about Lush products – they not only look appealing, but they’re such a delight to use. The lavender scent of the Unicorn Horn, topped with the rainbow swirls will undoubtedly send you into dream land and I can’t wait to unwind with this intact. It’s a shame the Heart Throb Bubbleroon doesn’t transform into an actual knight in shining armour when you pop it into the bath but instead you get a bright red river of water and a delicate, uplifting fragrance which I absolutely love. It’s said to be a sensual, passionate paradise so I’m looking forward to being awakened with this beauty (I just hope it doesn’t stain anything). 

You can never have too many bath bombs and I love testing out different ones which is why I purchased the Floating Flower bath bomb purely because of the beloved jasmine aroma which opened my senses. It has such a relaxing smell and I think the flower idea is a cute alternative to the hearts. I’ve also found a new love in Lush’s shower gel and am still using my So White from Christmas (it’s hard to believe such a little amount goes a long way with the tiny bottles). I’ve never given the Prince Charming shower gel a go so I thought it was time to explore the variety. One thing that strikes me about this is the unique scent, it’s fruity and feminine and I know it’s going to be pleasant on the skin. I think me and Prince Charming are going to get on well! 

Have you tried any of Lush’s Valentine range this year? For a last minute rescue, I’d certainly recommend calling in your local Lush to stock up on the bits and bobs. At least that way you’re guaranteed a pampered evening filled with all your sultry must haves.

Whatever you get up to tomorrow, whether you’re alone, with your beloved partner, or even with your mum (I know I can always rely on my mum) then I hope you have a wonderful day and don’t dwell on the single life too much (allow for a quick sigh and then realise how brilliant you are, that’s completely fine). If you’re really struggling to occupy yourself, you could even check out last years guide for singletons that I created in sheer optimism. Oh, me and my shameless plugs.

Bridie x