A Seriously Glorious Christmas With Cosy Club

cosy club leeds outdoor sign
Celebrating Christmas in October with Cosy Club was an odd affair yet somehow, convened collectively around a banquet table in a lowly lit modern day renaissance painting, sipping mulled wine and pulling crackers with the onlooker guests sharing bemused expressions, felt substantially more festive than I personally do right now. I mean, there’s a politically polarised reason for that but let’s not get into that as this is meant to be a post about culinary merriness and nothing but. I’ve already shed enough gut wrenching tears of fear and fury to boil up a blowout and serve to an entire army of people also still in that grief stage.

The Leeds Cosy Club branch isn’t a place I’d ever stepped in before but when I was invited down to try out their three course Christmas menu bonanza it was proved that was a terrible involuntary decision to make. Greeted with a patriotic shrine of bygone charm and a winding wooden staircase with lordly paintings hanging on the wall upon entering set the scene for an indulgent, rustic mood confirming to the Cosy in Club.

It’d been a while since I had the pleasure of experiencing foodie luxuries through this little blog of mine, a year ago now in fact. But the brief interlude ameliorated my appreciation when I stepped foot into the Cosy Club bar area and was handed the choice of a mulled wine and cider or prosecco reception, topped up with a fresh cocktail or two or three (Eton Mess for me) once we were lead to our seats. The combination of relaxed dining in a swarthy setting, new meds and a dose of liquor didn’t do my drowsiness any favours but it’s certainly all part of the package.

(If only it wasn’t wholly pitch black and too cold to lap up the intimate, vintage outdoor terrace space and inhale some sobriety. (I reckon that will be a real hit in the summer!)


Our hearty three course began with a sharing platter of dreams. Now, if you’ve been paying attention to my eating habits – which you definitely won’t have been because there is not one person on earth who harbour even an ounce of that care – I’ve reduced my meat consumption and just really don’t find it appetising anymore. That’s why I opted for the vegan option on the main menu, why I devoured my favourite kind of mushrooms (truffled and garlic) and why I (quite literally) just dipped into the Baked Camembert and a truck load of Festive Flatbread. My verdict? It’s all I want my diet to consist of for the rest of my carb loading days. But the Pulled Beef and the Old Spot Sausages also went down well with the rest of the carnivore crowd; like a proper traditional Christmas buffet feast.

For mains, we were graciously given the option of an individual dish. I stayed with the designated vegan menu and had the only course available – Balsamic Roasted Beetroot & Thyme Tarte Tatin. Now, what I’ve debunked on my short and sporadic vegan stunt is that restaurants really love to big up the Beet. But what I’ve also concluded is that they really need to think about spicing it up. It was a little too sweet and slimy for me. The bottom part of the pastry was lovely but I just think there’s so much more they could have done with the oven bake instead of drawing the predictably bland beetroot card. Many of my morals are vanilla but when it comes to food, absolutely not. Creamy mash was a solid 10/10, however. Five stars and no complaints.

As was the standard selection by the sounds of it! I’d promised to take my brother’s girlfriend to one of these events after boasting for brownie points and it seemed it was the correct decision for a stomach just as ravenous as mine. She was on cloud nine with her melt in the mouth Slow-Roasted Pork Belly! Amelia was also sat next to me and she was sending regret my way with her West Country Cheddar & Leek Pie decision. It looked mucho delicious!

Finally, for pudding, I of course followed through with the vegan trio pattern and had Cosy Club’s special Baked Vanilla Cheesecake with mulled spiced oranges which I can only describe as festive. Envision a snowy day in a log cabin with the fire on and your Grandma in the kitchen – it tasted exactly like that image. Light and creamy with a citrus tang. Yum. I couldn’t hide my jealousy from the Chocolate & Cinder Toffee Cheesecake with salted caramel and chocolate sauce across the table from me but I was granted a taste and I think I did choose the superior cheesecake as it was a little too sickly for me. Gloriously chocolatey containing four elite sugary ingredients but maybe a cocoa bean too many.

Cosy Club’s Christmas menu is available until the 24th December with their New Year events to follow so if you’re out and about doing the last of your shopping this weekend and your inner self is crying out for a tipsy tipple, some good grub and nocturnal nostalgia – this is the place to be!