The Sunday Natter: moving forward with a yes to equality!

I can’t put into words just how proud I am of Ireland for doing the RIGHT thing by voting a massive resounding and heart warming yes in their Marriage Referendum. Yesterday they made history; being the first country to pass the freedom to marry by popular vote has not only opened up a new era for the future of the importance of equal rights, but it’s been a massive step forward for everyone, no matter what their sexual preference, to feel accepted and believe they are valued.

Witnessing the huge support, engagement, passion and positivity taking place during the campaigning and the aftermath was incredibly inspiring and humbling; especially the part when the number of emigrants boarding back home to place their thumbs up vote was displayed for all to shed a tiny tear at. From the young, to the old, the religious to the skeptics, the same sex hand holders and the opposite sex huggers, every part of the notion was ever so moving to see. As a nation, Ireland have created an accomplished movement which will make such a difference to the views not just in Ireland, but all around the world. This will benefit so many young, fearful people who never had the courage to be open about their sexuality, it will make it easier to be who you are and hopefully, it will allow other countries to see the normality of love, respect, security and faith to follow in their footsteps.

As wonderful as the success was to witness, I still can’t comprehend the no voters, the people still out there who disagree with a basic human right. Truthfully, I believe if you can honestly identify a ‘problem’ then you need a serious reality check and are stuck in the dark ages. There is no justification for sheer homophobia, for the cold, cynical and sickening attitudes. The fairytales and completely moronic logic and labels this minority live by are damn right ridiculous and produce nothing but malicious, direct discrimination. You know what will happen now gay people can legally marry? Absolutely nothing troublesome, that’s what. Backward, bigoted behaviours will no longer power over and get in the way of a ceremony filled with celebration and admiration. Whilst the degrading still occurs, the LGBT community will be able to embrace their liberty just like they always should have been entitled to. I feel genuinely troubled and hurt by the fact some people out there think being LGBT makes you a lower version of a human being. How is it so hard to see through that barbaric mind and recognise that a person is a person no matter whom they are attracted to and/or in love with? In society, I have always automatically had the right to choose my partner, plan our future and share precious moments with. The only reason I was entitled to this privilege is because I am a heterosexual female. Being loved isn’t a privilege, gender does not determine love and being gay isn’t a lifestyle choice. Watching the news last night produced the largest lump in my throat. Two delightful women were gazing at each other with warmth, quite clearly ecstatic by the results. “This is the first time I’m able to walk down the street and not be afraid to hold her hand because everybody says it’s okay” the woman said as her partner welled up and described how much it meant to her, to now know they are not classed as less than anyone else. It’s quite the revelation when it takes these people crying with joy to put into perspective just how significant fair identification is. Thank you, Ireland. Thank god you stood up for change in equality!

Let’s no longer focus on the negatives but instead on the overwhelming positives. Ireland have come a long way. Traditional Ireland has transformed into a modern, pluralistic Ireland and I’m pretty certain this whole situation has opened a lot of minds, hearts and eyes locally as well as internationally. It was the day gay pride and national pride came together and I am absolutely over the moon for every individual. I’m so happy everyone has now being authorized a free pass to happiness. Those beaming smile faces on the 23rd May are something to remember and pass on through generations. A huge congratulations are in order, I hope proposals happened all over Ireland yesterday with the right to hold your head up high. Stay beautiful, people. Love wins all around.

And I hope everyone else feels the same way I do! Happy bank holiday Sunday!

Bridie x