24 Little Things On 24th December In The 24 Hour Build Up To Christmas

Posted on 4 min read

My last post before Christmas and I wanted to make it a frivolous, fun one because how else to take a short break to relish in the festivities than to end on a light note?!

I know it’s a typical statement that’s heard an exasperating amount of times but I really cannot believe how fast December has gone.

Like, H O W.

It’s possibly taken October and November’s place of being the fastest month of my life and I don’t even feel like I’ve lived through the weeks but it’s here, Christmas Eve has approached and tomorrow a large proportion of the world will be sat around the table with their beloveds tucking in to a hearty, homemade dinner in a flimsy paper crown laughing and joking and appreciating the moments you’re making and the company you’re blessed with.

As much as it pains me that it’s over and done with much sooner than we’d all like, I really do adore this time of year. Especially the last minute build up that seems to be all that more magical as mankind becomes more manic.

There’s just such a warm, happy, special kind of excitement in the air. It’s the togetherness, the simplistic love, the sense of community, the reiterated songs playing at full volume, the scents, the mass amounts of food, the bitter weather, the stream of lights on your drive home, the decorations, the sheer waves of joy fluttering in your stomach as you head to bed that night and remember the next morning your family and friends will be unwrapping the gifts you’ve carefully picked exclusively for them.

I love that we all have our own unique traditions, some quirky, some bizarre, some absolutely normal, but always personal to us. I love that we can approach the weird and wonderful day of jubilation with different intentions but still be relatable as a whole.

The 24 hours before Noel begins are my favourite purely for the balance of pleasant chaos and pure delight that erupts.

  1. The supermarket rush. Dashing to Asda for the last bits and bobs only to be faced with a stampede of determined citizens who have no shame in pushing you out of the way to make way for the zombie apocalypse that is obviously about to happen.
  2. Snuggling into your fluffy socks and festive pyjamas once you get home.
  3. Feet up, takeaway ordered, and a film marathon of the classics.
  4. Writing out the tags of the presents you’ve forgotten to label hoping you’ve guessed right and Uncle Bob won’t be receiving some pink lingerie.
  5. Preparing the emergency chairs for the expanded table gathering the next day.
  6. Also preparing the food and realising you’ve forgotten the sprouts.
  7. Savouring the last (largest) chocolate on your advent calendar.
  8. Still being bitter the doors don’t reach the 25th.
  9. Attempting to get an early night but being just as buzzing as you would have been 15 years ago.
  10. Waking up abruptly and not feeling like shit for once.
  11. Accepting you are in fact a morning person one day a year.
  12. Singing Noddy Holder at the top of your lungs as you stroll down the stairs.
  13. Feeling like your heart is about to explode as you open your presents with the family you treasure and they open theirs with nothing but glee spread across their face.
  14. Acting surprised at said presents as though you’d not ordered them online on behalf of your mam.
  15. Starting on the tub of chocolates at 8am.
  16. Knowing it’s perfectly acceptable to continually eat just for the sake of it even when you’re not hungry.
  17. Eating a plateful of dinner followed by a buffet a few hours later and then ending the night appearing 9 months pregnant.
  18. Both cursing and celebrating Michael Buble defrosting from hibernation.
  19.  Bringing out the luxury drinks and (more) grub from the cupboard they’ve been kept in and ordered not to be touched until now.
  20. Becoming a royalist for approximately ten minutes as you listen to good ol’ queeny divulging her speech.
  21. Gearing up for the epic episodes of the soap specials (okay, maybe that’s just me).
  22. Aiming to wear every single item of clothing you’ve been bought just to laze around in because it’s Christmas and that’s what you do.
  23. Spending the rest of your day reading out the lame jokes from the crackers and flicking the plastic frog in everyone’s direction as the annoying alcohol phase slowly but surely soaks into your bloodstream.
  24. Looking around and realising this is what genuine happiness is all about.

Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a blast!

Lots of love x