Five Ways To Pick Yourself Up When You’re Run Down

I like to call this time of year the lurgy year. There’s the coughing and the spluttering as you walk the streets, the domino pattern as the common cold is passed down the family tree, the strenuous mission to get a doctor’s appointment and of course the dramatic feeling sorry for ourselves. We’re completely entitled to that, though. If it’s not the perfect time to appreciate all the times we didn’t have a blocked up, stuffy nose and a clear airway, it’s time to perk yourself up with a well deserved reflective rest because we all occasionally need it and we’re all worthy of a fresh, revitalised positivity boost. Whether you’re suffering a bout of the annual winter bug or are feeling generally run down and exhausted about life, here’s my top pick me ups to help you fall right back on track.


Rest In Your Home Comforts

The obvious first choice but one which is sometimes shoved to the back of the pile when you’re running around completing errands. Plenty of rest is important for recovery. Settling down just to sit back, relax and indulge in some quiet time where you can enjoy the minor things that matter to you can aid you without even realising. Think getting cosy with a warm blanket, a hot water bottle, curling up with your favourite book, drowning out the world with your Spotify playlist or snuggling with the company of your best rated movie and a good cuppa. You’ll be amazed by how unwinding it can be and how that groggy tension can be lifted to make you feel at least a tiny bit better.

Self Care 

The way you look after yourself and the way you tune your body will patently impact your health and well being. There’s a number of ways you can strengthen your immune system, your motivation and your overall energy level. Start off with a hot bath you can soak in to, to let those muscles loose and even de-congest your head with the steam, move on to a revivifying nap and always make sure you’re prioritising precious time to maintaining enough hours of sleep. Try your best to ignore those sugar cravings which worm their way in when you’re feeling lethargic and indisposed and fill your body with nutritious food, a balanced diet and plenty of water; the organic goodness found in food such as fruit, vegetables, high fibre seeds, beans and nuts and extras such as honey will support healing and supply your essential vitamins whereas plenty of fluids prevents dehydration and washes the germs out of your body. Medicated remedies are also another option to take away your dreadful symptoms and ease that nasty virus (ginger, peppermint, honey and lemon, anyone?!), even doing gentle exercise if you’re feeling capable enough will allow you sweat out the fluidity of the toxins. Realistically, you’re in charge of your own nursing because you know what works for you and what doesn’t but it’s also necessary to hand that role over to others and let them help take care of you. Don’t be afraid of that.


Escape To The Fresh Air

There’s nothing like breathing in the wonders of nature when you physically feel as though you’re drowning. It doesn’t even have to be a mile long walk, just venturing off into your own personal space is enough to breathe some bloom back into your longs. A change of scenery can also alleviate your improved health as you can get into the habit of being cooped up indoors with only four walls to stare at and it’s nice to appreciate the far and beyond. Just ensure you’re wrapped up warm enough to prevent anymore illnesses heading your way and you’ll be good to go.

Reflect On Life 

There’s no denying when you’re left to fend and fight the illness taking over it can become tedious but instead of reflecting negatively, how about switching it up to produce a more positive mindset. You may as well use your spare time wisely to bring peace and order into this manic lifestyle of yours so whilst you’re sat try and focus on the expression of your inner self and the gratitude of just how valuable being fit and well is. What are you ready to achieve when you’re feeling better? Is there any way you can continue to benefit your health? Be productive from your own comforts, start planning your pace, change your perspective and you’ll find it often urges your body to slip back into normal recuperative mode.


Take Your Time 

Don’t rush things, be patient and just step aside to pause and ease on the over demanding sector in your life. It’s a struggle battling illness whilst still continuing to try and fight off the harsh reality which is why when there’s no break you’ll find yourself going downhill. I know it’s not always possible to take some time away from your regular schedule but in the long run it will. Overdoing it will wipe you out further and with the added stress it’s not going to be pleasant. Even if it’s just for a few hours or a full day on the weekend, give yourself some leeway and put yourself first.

Remember; today is World Mental Health Day, the day we can remind ourselves it’s paramount to take care of ourselves in order for us to mend. Be open, be honest, be gentle, and don’t forget that admitting you’re not okay is always perfectly okay.

What are your favourite ways to bring yourself round to normality?

Bridie x