Holiday Lookbook: The Nighttime Glam

Welcome to my first instalment of my holiday lookbook! After another tough week battling through a heavy schedule and an unfortunate deterioration in pain levels, I finally managed to sort through the most important chapter of my holiday – and that would be my outfits.  If you were interacting over on my instagram whilst I was away you’ll have more than likely seen a sneak peek of most of my outfits but I also like to showcase them over on my blogging platform for you all to see! For me, planning, preparing, then eventually wearing your new clobber is one of the most exciting parts about heading off on vacay – albeit there’s some unavoidable creases and accidental shampoo spillages on the way there, and there’s the issue of humidity attempting to creep in and replace stylish with sweaty mess once worn but I still love the refreshing feeling and the confidence gained when you dash out for an evening of food, cocktails and a gearing up for the guaranteed “why is she so dressed up in a quiet rural part of Spain” stares. 

If you’ve been following my blog for a couple of years (oh you loyal things, you) you’ll know photographing my daily and nightly outfits is a cliche move for me and this year was no different. I’ve stuck to my morals, experimented with garments I’d be happy to take on in an unfamiliar environment, developed an unwavering love for bright shades of colour and mixed up my holiday wardrobe so there’s no specific direction. From pretty dresses to relaxed jumpsuits and all out risque, I tried it all…

Day one: imagine my mood when the entire first day was cloudy and dull, keep that picture in mind and then analyse my outfit choice. Yep, that’s right, I went for all black in this on trend cut out shoulder frill playsuit, layered choker necklace and tie up sandals.

Day two: the Zara sale is lethal, that is my pre-warning to anyone who enters there not intending on buying anything. I headed there before my holiday to search for some pieces I’d seen online but ended up walking out with an entirely different outfit – and this was the one. A pretty blush pink puff sleeve blouse underneath a deep v cami slip dress with subtle lace detailing. I picked them up separately, carried them in my hand together and thought what a lovely, feminine pairing and voila, it worked out perfectly paired with a nude bag and my ultimate favourite ever shoes.

Day three: I couldn’t wait to style the crinkled cami dress from my latest Primark haul and I went for elegant chic with all gold accessories – Zara shoes and (again) a Primark bag. The lightweight material was ideal for a walk along the strip. I even went all out and pinned my hair up (I could say it was because I wanted to be classy but really it was because I had zero energy to wash my hair that day).

Day four: I was attempting to rock the sailor vibes on the fourth day. Wearing all white probably wasn’t the best idea when my lobster arms were on full show but despite the burnt version of a tan, I felt somewhat like the power woman in a Forever 21 halterneck jumpsuit which fit like a dream, along with my staple gold sandals and *surprise surprise* a baker boy hat – the one thing I’ve been dying to get my hands on for a while now. Do I look great or like an extra from Cheryl’s Fight For This Love video? You decide. 

Day five: you’ll see a recurring theme on viewing of my two holiday lookbooks, and that’s A LOT of Boohoo clothing. Affordable, on trend and flattering, I ended up purchasing nearly the entire summer collection. This off the shoulder ruffle dress was a gorgeous, unique grey colour and teamed with a choker it allowed me to show off my collarbone area; a part of me I actually embrace. I paired the dress with a small silver bag from Mango and some slip on Zara heels.

Day six: nearly halfway through the holiday was shopping time! I entered the paradise that was the boulevard with intention of spending the majority of my saved up euros and that I did. This versatile ribbed culotte jumpsuit was the key to ultimate comfort, airy enough to keep me cool and casual yet preppy enough to dress up appropriately. The sun was still shining well past 8pm so the aviator sunnies came in handy too (also from Boohoo but unfortunately sold out), and to finish off the look I used the same accessories from the above outfit.

Day seven: I upped the glam again at the end of the first week with a River Island bralet and a New Look wrap skirt in a soft nude colour. I’m really into the cross over skirts but have never ventured out into anything past your basic short skater. I found a new favourite in this however, the white over layer and the expended contrast of pink shoes and bag complimented the idea I had in my head. Plus, I don’t think a holiday is complete without some endearing crochet lace!

Day eight: stepping away from my usual location, we spent the night in the centre of Torrevieja in the second week. Although I love the overall change of scenery and potential locations to stand and shoot, this place is most certainly my most reliable blogger source. The checked tiles and red flowers in the background featured my outfit choice grandly. My Boohoo (again) bardot mesh embroidered bodysuit matched nature, and the rust coloured Forever 21 culottes blended in well with the ASOS bow shaped choker adding to the finishing touch.


Day nine: oh look, it’s another Boohoo duo! Sticking with the pleated design that seems to be taking over at the moment, this shiny peach set really did bring out the best in me. I felt like a princess who had swapped her ball gown for a pair of shorts. I just loved the finer structure and it slotted in well with the ASOS shoes and H&M bag I’d been using religiously. 

Day ten: we strayed off from the ordinary again just days before we came home and visited a beautiful plaza filled with restaurants, bars and traditional Spanish decor. The Boohoo frilled blouse that is currently swarming the blogosphere (seriously, who doesn’t own one?) not only paralleled the mostly blue space and winding staircase but also transformed what would have been a boring pair of white shorts into this magical pairing. I don’t possess much blue but I’ve come to the conclusion it certainly does suit a golden brown skin tone and brings out blue eyes. Now, if only that tan could stay put…

Day eleven: finally, on the last night (I did go away for fourteen but three of those nights were spent lounging around the pool till late bare faced and bikini’d, eating in and making ourselves right at home) I did what Bridie does best and went all out. The final night is always a big one – I get myself all emotional saying goodbye to the friends we make and reunite with each year, order the most lavish meal possible and put my best dress on, literally. This flamboyant midi is another Boohoo gem and although the slit up the leg often made me paranoid, tugging at the bottom constantly, I think I avoided showing off too much knicker. My Mango clutch bag, bold necklace, oh and – shock to all – my gold shoes, were the cup to my saucer. 

So that’s that – you’ve reached the end of one of two parts. As you can probably guess next time I’ll be displaying my day wear, the more casual side of fashion but still with plenty of hot and bothered facial expressions and awkward poses. 

Let me know your favourite outfit of my nighttime choices, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Bridie x


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