Instant Effects: The Lip, Eyes and Lash Review

In this day and age, the beauty industry is widening to the extremes. Gone is the acceptance of our not so perfectly rounded features and a three pound lip-gloss from a magazine doing the trick in your daily makeup routine, and hello are the following of trends, constantly wanting to evolve and enhance our natural elements with expensive cosmetics and sometimes, even surgical procedures. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, I say go ahead and make yourself feel amazing if you have the funds and really do want to make a change to small part of you that will expand your confidence positively. I, personally, however, would be an absolute wuss and I’d chicken out purely at thought of it going horribly wrong and ending up resembling Pete Burns meets Chewbacca. This is where Instant Effects comes into the equation. When I received an email informing me of the range of products that deliver targeted treatments without the need for any extensive add ons, I jumped at the chance. I was kindly sent the trio but in no way was I obliged to promote – I’ve just loved using them so much that I had to share my views on this breakthrough phenomenon!

Instant Effects aims to produce clinically proven immediate results with an improved and static build up as you begin to apply regularly. The range is a combination of three products suited purely for the facial structure to highlight those most noticeable at first glance. 1. An eye cream which helps banish wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness in under fifteen minutes. 2. A lash volumiser which thickens, plumps and enhances eyelashes and 3. A lip plump which gives you voluminous lips without any sting or aggravation in two minutes. This was the order I decided to trial and test, starting with the eye cream because the delicate area of my eyes often feels the wrath of my poor sleeping pattern and those dark circles haunt me forever. I can’t speak for the ageing side as I’m still gladly living in my youth but I was still able to reel in the benefits of the super serum. 

The application was strange (at first) and it took me a good few dumbfounded minutes to realise you don’t pump, you tap the top delicately onto the area and leave to work its cooling magic once it settles. I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt difference; my eye area felt and looked brighter, smoother and more awakened and any darkened puffiness had visibly reduced within a good 10-15 minutes – the effects becoming more prominent as the hours passed. The soothing, rich balm is brilliant for a quick fix – a put in my handbag and whip out when I had a rough night so nobody can comment on my tired appearance sort of saviour. I’ve been adapting this into my routine for a couple of months now and can really speak for the significant long-term firmness it reveals. The more you use, the greater it acts, and the more it diminishes. It makes a great solid base for makeup to glide on and glow around the often tricky eye area and with the targeting of reducing the depth and size of the dreaded fine lines, and wrinkles and increasing of elasticity, it will be ideal for those future years of depletion. Word up to the middle agers hating on their crows feet!

I swear every time I review a lash based product I have to mention that I’m already blessed with thick, curled and lengthy lashes so I tend to already have a head start and never really notice much of a difference. This, however, was an exception and I certainly did observe a slight change in the way my lashes formed and finished. I set myself a challenge to use for the recommended 2 weeks and after time was up I was doubling the fluttering. The innovative formula and unique wand brush captures every hair from the root to lift the definition and add to the fullness and can easily be finished with mascara either immediately or the day after the night before you applied depending on how you choose to use it (truthfully I prefer to use it on an evening as it gives the oil a chance to soak in the moisture). My lashes were perfectly in place, resembling that of falsies and it made my eyes stand out further. I was that impressed with the boost it gave my natural lashes, so much so that I’m even considering transferring the clear like gel as a setting, multipurpose stimulation for my brows! Bigger, bolder, amplified is the new signed, sealed, delivered.

Saving the best till last, I’m super excited to rave about the lip plumper – a soft brush stroke of a sticky, glossy texture that locks in the strength and moisture within a couple of fast pacing minutes. I’m not particularly unhappy with my lips but I’m always up for making them more Kylie Jenner without the painful injections, damage to my lips and without going too over the top with a mega fish pout. I can 100% say this does the job to my fastidious standards, it’s a fabulous alternate to the hardcore stuff! Once applied, I can feel the tingling (although not as intense as usual lip boosting products) and the stiffness of my lips minimally inflating into action. Whether it’s my imagination or placebo effect kinda thing I don’t know but it’s as though my lips naturally form into a subtle, smoother and more youthful pout without the creases and the dryness. You get two for one with this product; it’s not just an enhancer, it also provides long lasting lustre shine. The shine dies down after the day is over but the fullness is still present a while after. It really allows your followed lipstick choice to accentuate, as you can see with my insta demonstration. By means it’s not an act of wizardry but is well worth the try.

I totally should have included some before and after pictures for all three products because although I did notice a distinctive adjustment myself, it was a mistake not to show the reflective image off to the world. I am up for doing the rounds again if anybody is interested in seeing so let me know!

Retailing at just £24.99 each, you can gather a collection of products that will work knowingly without committing to any kind of man handling. 

Bridie x


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