The ankle boot menu: my collection

There’s no denying I’ve built up quite the boot collection over the past and current season – you could even reach the extreme of saying I’ve developed a borderline addiction – but something I’ve never done is gather the bundled heap squashed in my wardrobe and presented them on my blog to guide you through the all high-street pairs I consider a staple in my day to day wear. Block heeled ankle boots are my favourite kind of boots to wear all year round and are absolutely my favourite boots to buy. There’s something so greatly satisfying about hunting down the next perfect pair on your list, whether that’s a certain colour or style, and then opening the delivered box to the fresh smell of faux suede, leather and PU. Weirdly, that makes me rather happy.  

The one colour I can always rely on, the one I’d gladly wear continuously if it didn’t create the presumption I have an extremely bland soul, is always black – and the same goes for in the shoe department. Whether you’re wearing jeans, trousers, shorts, skirts, dresses, you name it – a pair of basic black boots will automatically make a fulfilling combo. Surprisingly, Primark is often my go to place for a reasonably priced pair of boots that will last me a while (and when they end up being £5 in the sale – yes, I’m looking at you round toe boots – it’s a jump for joy) but for the more classic end, pointed patent Chelsea boots are a must have. You don’t even have to stick to all black, either. Those boots with minor detail that becomes distinctive, like a wooden heel or a small embroidery, make all the difference. 

Aside from black, a scale from light tan all the way to dark brown almost always becomes my favoured colour to purchase – except this time, I tend to shift away from the ordinary and move over to the intricate side. Everybody needs an ‘out there’ pair of boots in their life and this usually means a bold print, in my case this is an animal print and these Stradivarius beauties have the ability to jazz up any outfit. The suede texture isn’t just pleasant to feel (and easy to clean with a brush) but I think it adds that extra effect. There’s a vast contrast between the lighter pointed toe lower heel Boden boots and the taller, higher more warm coloured Simmi Shoes exclusives but I love them both equally! 

When I fancy a mixed up change, or intend on injecting some colour into an average looking appearance then the coloured boots are what I go for. If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve boasted about the red River Island boots numerous (probably too many) times but they really are amazing and such a statement – the kind of boot to add some sass without you even realising. Both the Zara denim style boots and the popular Daisy Street boots are new additions. I knew I had to get my hands on the ever so chic light grey colour in the perplex heel style. With the unique heel and classy high rise – they’re ready to let the shoes do the talking. I’ve never owned a pair of characteristic boots like the Zara ones but they’re certainly a worthy sale buy. The large, sturdy block heel creates a dissimilarity between the upper material but contributes towards making a retro look. That’s what I love about my frequently evolving style, I’m constantly updating to places I’d never venture before.

Most importantly – all nine pairs are super easy to wear. I am prepared to cope with some ball of the foot suffering in the name of style but comfort is most definitely key.  

What’re your favourite boots to wear? How many do you have in your collection?

Bridie x