The Sunday Natter: 20 ways to know you're addicted to a TV show

*just to note although it is pretty entertaining, I’m not referring to Take Me Out, it was just on the tele at the time

As I completely missed out my Sunday Natter writing last week, I didn’t want to jump straight in there with another feisty rant, which is why today’s post is going to be kicked off with some lighthearted fun (of which deemed appropriate at this time of year when hibernating in front of the box seems appetisingly pleasing).

If you’re not a TV addict yourself (come on now, how do you spend your procrastinating but meant to be domesticating time, really), you’ll know at least someone who is glued to Netflix – with a whole lot less chilling and more physically and emotionally investing, or at the TV – at the same time every day without fail. For me, I’m a totally granny when it comes to TV shows. As much as I’d love to grasp hold of the super popular American dramas, I’m much more drawn to my sofa at 7pm daily for my beloved soaps but that’s not to say there hasn’t been programmes over the years that I’ve well a truly attached myself to. Being in that dependable bubble where you can’t think of anything other than what you’ve been watching for the past month, the way you have no desire to participate in your average daily activities because finding out what’s going to happen next seems more plausible and when anything else around you, deadline important or not, becomes a lot less significant. Whatever we watch, we’re all familiar with that feeling, surely!

1) You plan your schedule around the show | your week is set out exactly how you desire to ensure you don’t miss a minute, and if anything dares to crop up and mess up your precious ogling time, the irritation level increases rapidly.

2) You get emotionally attached to each character | it’s not even just connecting yourself to their story or knowing every single detail of their background information, it’s crying at how pretty they are, and loving them no matter how trashy they may be because you JUST CAN’T HELP IT.

3) Things remind you of the show in everyday life | whether you hear a song or come across a relatable object, if the first thing you think about is your cherished entourage you know you’ve got a serious problem.

4) People in reality just don’t meet the show standards | compared to the characters you’re devoted to, the people you come across in your average daily life just don’t appear to have the same qualities – which probably explains why you’d rather stay in and obsessively fester than interact with the world. 

5) You wonder why life isn’t as exciting | maybe, just maybe, if there was as much over-fetched action and serious gasp moments in real life, it would be worth moving from your bed on a Monday morning. 

6) You dream about the show | then wake up thinking about it, and continue to imagine those scenarios you’d love to envision.

7) You almost forget to take care of yourself | unless the food is in front of you or you’re ordered to move from that embedded space, once hooked there’s no looking back.

8) Once the show is over, you’re straight onto the internet | whether it’s watching fan videos on YouTube or heading on to the blogs you worship to see the gif’d scenes and replayed star moments, it’s all in a days work. 

9) Those 2am binges are just the norm now | it’s hard to keep track of the time when you watch ten episodes in a row until you realised you’ve done nothing, suddenly that late night indulgence has turned into a mid morning session.

10) You miss out on events | a social life? What on earth’s that? When you’re that dedicated to a TV show, that eager to get to the end of season, and fear of missing the best parts; unless absolutely necessary, you WILL be rejecting that invite. 

11) Your favourite couple puts you under serious intensity | don’t tell me it’s fictional, I know that but I can still feel that ship deep in my soul. Both those romantically cute moments and that saddening angst can tip you off the edge and make you lose all touch of solemnity. 

12) You get way too involved | shouting at the screen, falling apart when your favourites dies or goes away, weeping at character development, routing for a certain supportive structure, feeling a great sense of loss when all the fun and games are over. All sound familiar? Yeah, me too.

13) You can watch the same part over again | as well as quoting the dialogue word for word and never, ever getting bored. No matter how many times you press play, you still get the same tingly feeling you felt on that day that will be remembered forever.

14) The show is the answer to your life problems |  as your bad day progresses and slowly gets worse, there’s nothing that can cure your bad luck more than the thought of coming home to some re-watching. As soon as you put the key in the door, you slump yourself on to the chair and don’t move for several hours. 

15) You instantly become friends with those who are on the same page | because what else says a strong bond like the shared love for a TV show, and whilst you’re at it, you inform everyone who doesn’t watch just what they’re missing out on.

16) You find yourself pining for the next episode | what do you mean I have to wait a whole 24 hours to see the next part? Do you know how dependant I am on this god damn show? Not knowing what to do with yourself once the hyped up plot is gone and buried seems to happen an awful lot, and you just can’t wait for the next bit of excitement. 

17) Feeling personally offended when someone insults the show |  you’ll defend your group of favourites until your dying day. Reading bad reviews and snarky remarks makes your blood boil and shaking off those comments just doesn’t seem rationale. How dare they say such things about your one true love.

18) Researching behind the scenes | constantly being torn between not wanting to be enlightened on spoilers and yearning for snippets of the next episode. Much to your dismay, you usually give in to temptation.

19) The characters become your responsibility | in your head you know what’s right for them and when the writers get it spot on, you can’t help but rejoice at your original ideas being put into action. 

20) Real life is no longer real | forget participating in general chit chat and appreciating the outer life, if it isn’t in front of you making your pulse race and eyes widen, it’s not a winner.

Are you one of these people? Join me in this amusement!

Bridie x