What I got for Christmas: twenty fifteen

Christmas feels like the distant past now but (shock horror) it’s actually only been just over two weeks since I was showered with an indulgence of love, appreciation and lots of presents. I’ve been holding off doing the typical ‘let me show you everything I got for Christmas’ post not only because natural daylight has been completely absent and I never got round to photographing the entirety, but because I know it can be an ambivalent subject and I didn’t want to be the one shamelessly boasting about every detail. However, truth be told I love having an insightful nosy at the different gifts everybody else received and I’m sure I speak for many when I say they’re my favourite readable pastime. So, I went ahead and prepared a post anyway and did my traditional new year duty of gathering all my gifts together before I unpack them all and squeeze them into the already compacted storage my bedroom beholds!

I didn’t ask for anything particular this year. I left hints here and there and gave a general idea of my tastes (although I think if the mountain of clothes and beauty deliveries are anything to go by, my family and friends already knew). As I get older I become less fussed about receiving the latest gadget or the one popular fad. There may be the latest high end product I’m pining for but I never expect anything higher than my ‘I’m happy with a Terry’s chocolate orange’ attitude. I did get lots of chocolates I’ve already stuffed my face with (and I can’t seem to stop, help) but I was also lucky enough to be sprinkled with kind, well thought out gestures, a bundle of money and vouchers, and more than a dozen fabulous gifts. Despite me being satisfied with whatever I acquire, I still managed to be absolutely spoilt rotten!

My mum is always the one to go over board, she’s been a single parent since my brother and I were young kids yet she manages to provide us with all the attentiveness we could ever ask for. The funniest thing is how the potential present value keeps adding up throughout the duration of the Christmas period as once she’s bought one sibling something, the other has to be equal (are anyone else’s parents the same?). There were a range of cosmetics from my darling mother this year; some skincare bits and bobs that will see me right throughout the year. I love my minis, it gives me a chance to trial a product before buying full sized and somehow, they seem to last me longer than they would a large packet, so the Glow and Go kit (plus some free samples) will be a welcomed addition to my REN collection. I’ve been anchoring after the YSL Black Opium perfume for so long now so opening this gorgeous rose gold meets black gift set on Christmas morning was a definite highlight, and now I have a switch up between this and my usual staple, Alien! Liz Earle is a brand I can always rely on and now I’ve even moved my mum onto the skincare saviours. I was in need of a new face mask to keep my troublesome skin at bay so what better than the Deep Cleansing Mask?! I’ve already used it twice and it seems to be giving my skin the bounce it full well needs after all the Christmas indulging. The last beauty-based item from my mum was the Maybelline The Nudes palette and although I’m so familiarised with using the high end, expensive shadows, I can’t wait to use my favourite smoky browns and neutrals in this drug store piece. There’s some really lovely, delicate shades in there which are totally my cup of tea.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t bought any clothes this year which is a complete revelation where I’m considered. I do, however, seem to be developing a rather manic boot obsession so these patent beauties from Boohoo had me all heart eyes emoji. I’ve been lusting over these Victoria Secret-esque satin pyjamas for a while now as I felt I needed some luxury nightwear opposed to the oversized trousers and short sets I own. The spirit was loosened a little as I was on a mission with my mum to grab hold of the pair from Missguided before they sold out again, and luckily we succeeded just in time for the 25th. I haven’t worn them yet as they look too pretty to wear in. The marble and rose gold two of my ultimate choices phone case was an extra stocking filler and now my phone is finally shielded, whilst given a chic makeover. I also received a sumptuous underwear set which so happened to be from Primark and which will obviously only be brought out on special occasions. You know the ones which require more than unmatched basics stuffed at the back of your knicker drawer.

In terms of other miscellaneous homeware gear and entertainment, I was lavished with all-sorts. The main frill was my first ever Diptyque candle, it was an early gift but weeks later and it’s still holding steady in its picturesque box. The scent is so overwhelmingly divine that I don’t even want to burn it to spoil the overall vibe (why I’m thinking so much into a candle I do not know). You can never have enough candles, as proved by my Yankee Candle yotive cracker (now on offer!). This one was from my Grandma as a little extra. She can’t stand the smell of anything cinnamon-y but put up with it just for me, bless. Still unsure as to how the delicious, fresh fragrance of buttery gingerbread isn’t perceived by everybody, though. Finally, from my mum and my brother, were the three albums I’d been wanting, the ones I’d listened to repeatedly via streamers but what I didn’t physically have to play. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of James Bay’s Chaos and the Calm, Adele’s 25 is just as stunning as her previous two, and Bieber’s Purpose is an absolute belter. I’m completely infatuated with his music at the moment, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. THEN, there’s the one edition to my hobbies that has taken over a large fraction of my life, the Enchanted Forest ‘adult’ colouring book (aka another excuse to act like a child with no responsibilities), along with some top quality Staedtler fine liners. I never realised how therapeutic colouring a whirl of patterns was until I started and couldn’t stop. They’re a real calmer, allow me to zone out, and surprisingly up my concentration and focus levels as soon as I move on to something else. 

Despite my Grandma spending an absolute fortune on me money-wise, she still insists on buying me a gift or two to go with that. This year it was a repurchase of an old MAC favourite, Ramblin’ Rose. I adore the frosting and the subtle pink really compliments my skin tone. From my friends, I obtained a Soap For The Best gift set; all my favourite S&G minis merged into one, a dazzling Ciate nail polish and a 2016 floral fold-able diary – something I definitely needed to keep handy. I have enough smellies to last me a lifetime, yet I never obstruct to a whole lot more. If you don’t get a Dove bodycare set, a Soap and Glory gift set, and enough Lush treats to start your own shop, is it really Christmas? I was so happy to be able to build up my bath bomb, shower cream and bubble bar range courtesy of my relatives as I was running low. I received the exquisite Merry Christmas gift set containing the Peeping Santa Bubble Bar, Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb, Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, and along with that I gathered a bottle of Snow Fairy, the Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb, Avobath Bath Bomb, Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb, and the incredibly delightful Yuzu and Cocoa duo which I was over the moon with. I woke up to the overpowering variety of scents on Boxing Day but I wasn’t complaining, and hey, at least I’m guaranteed to smell nice for the next 12 months. 

What did you get for Christmas? Feel free to link me over to your posts or any you’ve been reading!

Hope you’ve all managed to survive the first working week of the year and all have a lovely weekend break! And don’t forget there’s still plenty of time to enter my Stylefruits giveaway

Bridie x