The Sunday Natter: exposing your blog to the real world


It’s a taboo subject; a do I, don’t I question. I don’t know why we fear informing our nearest and dearest of our most loved hobby or why we cringe and want to hide away in a dark cupboard somewhere at the mention of our blog in the ‘real life’ (definition: everyone away from the safe and expressive internet place we hold deeply) but we do (or at least I hope we do and I’m not alone) and I’d love to know your personal thoughts on this matter! 

For me, telling my family and friends has kind of been a slow and steady race. As we grow as a blogger, it becomes more and more difficult to avoid the topic of passionate blogging and the opportunities that come with it. People start to question why the postman now classes you as part of the family, why you’re receiving all these free goods, why you’re always at these exclusive events, always taking posy photos (i.e: using the resting bitch face pose way too often) and being featured by these flashy companies. When you’re first starting out, I suppose, if you do want to, it’s easier to be civilised as opposed to being open and honest. Finding your ground can be hard, and even harder if you’re enlightened of a familiar watching. 

I’m a pretty open person, I don’t think there’s anything I can keep to myself around my extremely close circle. My mum has always known about my blog, it was her I turned to when questioning whether I should create one for myself. Thankfully she agreed, and now she’s fully supportive of this amazing (and sometimes surreal) journey and is right there along with me. My brother is obviously fully aware of my blog because he’s the one who takes my outfit photos but with relief, he’s a super laid back person, just gets on with it and probably never delves into the content I produce. My grandma thinks it’s fabulous that I partake in all these blog related activities; she’s an extremely loud person anyway (put it this way, if there was an award for a person who’d reveal your secrets, she would win without a doubt) but when it comes to boastfully educating anyone in general whilst chatting, she’d be the one to do it. Usually in a mixed up, I have no idea what blogging is but I love it anyway kind of way but that’s what makes it quite hilariously cute. Logically, they’re not knowledgeable on the ins and outs of blogging but the great thing is, the three most important people in my life have also grown and learnt with me and can now even enjoy the advantages themselves.

The rest of my family have some incline but never really mention it which makes it simpler for me to deal with. In terms of friends, I do tend to lack in that social area so don’t have to worry too much about a large group using the totally innocent but somehow offensive joke worthy cliche blogging status against me. I try and avoid anything blog related being published on Facebook, purely because that network is full of idiotic opinions and I wouldn’t want someone to pass said views on to me. I value all opinions when it comes to my blog, but I just don’t think I can accept any constructiveness from a past high school friend who I haven’t seen or spoke to in approximately 6 years. I’ve certainly evolved and shaped in that time. A real life following on social media is even worse for me. The likes of Twitter and Instagram are more of a fun approach, and I class it as that secret piece of myself I can divert to. Unfortunately people do find your profile, and without wanting to be rude, I just have to accept that. I do network with people on the non-blogging, normal side and have discovered my fears are definitely blown out of proportion as it doesn’t seem to affect me of my blog in any way – and instead brings plenty of interest.

Although all these people are aware my blog exists, I don’t think they actually sit down with a cuppa and read my blog religiously – and honestly, I prefer that. I still find it weird and oddly embarrassing when someone does bring up my blog in conversation. To think they actually crept (and maybe still do creep) their way round my heartfelt writing and I had no idea about it is slightly unnerving and to hear it spoke out loud is both strange and complimenting. I often get so flustered and flattered that I end up getting myself into an utterly awkward mess. I never know quite how to react or handle the situation. That’s just me all over but it worsens when it’s on topic about something so distinguishing to myself. It’s so easy to respond with a witty thank you online but struggling to discover an answer that doesn’t sound dumb and inconsequential in real life proves to be tough. I take a strangers word much more genuinely than someone I could have known for years. It’s quite bizarre but I suppose not being face to face makes it a quick tick off the confidence list. You don’t see that person everyday, so you don’t have to strategise an initial reaction.

I’m really proud of being a blogger but the often wrong and misinformed attachment that comes with the label is what tips me off edge. I have a constant fear of judgement, that this space of mine exposes too much into my thoughts and happenings which leaves an open door for the people I sincerely know well to pull me to bits. My blog is a place I reveal myself and many elements to my character are uncovered. You could say I’m established and have found my inner self but for some, this is another reason to point out your faults and belittle you. I don’t have anything to hide but I feel anxiety towards the fact some may class this as some pointless leisure that turns you into a wannabe. Your very own little corner of the internet allows you to be true to yourself and I guess some people find they can’t do that if they know people from the outside are joining in on the inside. I, for one, like to keep these two worlds separate – to use my blog as a place to express, to vent, and escape. 

Blogging has become such a big part of my life that it makes sense to share it. There are lots of positive benefits of blogging – it’s a way of showing your personality and interests and every inch of backed up support means something. I shouldn’t care what people think but I am getting better at moving forward with the approval of others. Nobody should be afraid or ashamed, blogging has such a high influence now and is a widely recognised potential career path but I also know people might be tentative to share such a huge complexity and prefer to keep the entire story private. That may change as you expand, or it may not. It’s whatever works for you! I don’t advertise my blog, it’s not something I spill openly about but if a certain person knows, they know. I just have to hope they appreciate all the hard work that goes into this lifestyle. 

How about you? Do your family/friends/colleagues know your blog exists?

Bridie x