What I wore: nautical and neckerchiefs

Top – Forever 21 | Trousers – Topshop | Neck Tie – ASOS | Bag – Missguided | Shoes – ASOS | Hat – Primark

Life’s too short to not be experimental with fashion; that’s the motto I drilled into myself a few months back and since then I’ve been enjoying the journey through trial and tribulation. This time round it’s the neckerchief, a trend I’m totally buying into even if everyone else looks at me as if I’m a brownie scout in adult form (which in all honestly, I probably do represent). The thing I love the most is the fact you can make a neck tie from almost anything. This little beauty was a plain old versatile bandana which you can play around with as much as you want! There’s something about that small detail that brings all the attention and sets an outfit. Especially when paired with a bare neckline, it’s perfect for adding that 70s flare and mixing prints up a tad. 

You can’t go wrong with stripes, my wardrobe seems to be abundantly filling up with all kinds of coloured stripes, from monochrome to all out clashing, and I certainly don’t see no road to the end. A navy and white piece paired with my matching navy neckerchief was a match made in heaven. Topped with some cropped flares and pointed loafers and you have a nautical attire, venturing on retro (some may also say pirate and I won’t disagree). It’s always comforting when you find something you actually enjoy wearing, when shaking up your style becomes successful. I’m sure I’ll be stretching out my neckerchief collection throughout the seasons, until they become totally uncool it’s social suicide to publicly display them of course (but let’s be fair, when will that ever happen?). 

Along with mingling my inner fashionista, I also finally ventured away from the usual location. As an average town, there isn’t many extravagant places to discover (none at all actually). Unfortunately I can’t act out the glitzy London blogger life filled with white buildings and neat streets to awkwardly pose beside but hey, it’s Friday, why not celebrate with change!

Have you stepped out of your ‘usual’ comfort zone lately? 

Bridie x

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