Life: my birthday gifts and buys

It feels like my birthday was so long ago now (in fact, with June being over in a flash, it was!) but to avoid blowing everything at once I’ve taken my time spending the gifted money and vouchers for some luxury treats I don’t usually indulge in but ones I know I’ll enjoy owning and using. Unfortunately, now my twenties are rapidly growing, birthday’s aren’t as exciting; surprise presents are rare and you end up providing your friends and family with a list of potential gifts you’ve had your eye on for a while. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t wake up to tons of prettiness, bow wrapped gifts, a beautiful bunch of flowers, a variety of rainbow-esque macarons and most importantly, a usual Sunday morning bacon sandwich. It’s the little things you hang on to and appreciate on the day you’re allowed to be spoiled. 

Unsurprisingly, most suggestions ended up being fashion and beauty based, and that’s just what I received. Without talking too much about my love for high end and resounding hate for the realisation of becoming an adult as each year passes, I’ll show you both the items I kindly received, and the ones which were screaming my name as I splashed the cash.

Along with some what you could call cliche presents such as body pampering sets, makeup and underwear from my lovely pals and close family, my Mum hit the mark with her choices. She bought me those Mango sandals (luckily before they sold out completely), some retro at eye River Island sunglasses, Nic’s Picks Real Techniques brushes, and not forgetting some of Creams’ specialty macarons and my afternoon tea experience over at their Leeds tearoom. 3/5 of those gifts are now safely packed away in my suitcase (the other two are tucked away nicely in my stomach). I’ve been on the hunt for a staple pair of sunglasses and ones which don’t drown my face and these are perfect. I also can’t wait to pair the sandals with some holiday outfits and accompany my brand new makeup with some well needed fresh brushes. As the saying goes, mother knows best and she knows I’m forever grateful (even if our constant harmless  bickering shows otherwise).

When I opened the packaging containing this highly appropriate card and a MAC gift bag with a lipstick and my beloved Ted Baker body spray mini from my lovely friend, Charlotte, I was not only having a little giggle to myself but was over the moon. It proves she also knows me well. The shade captive wouldn’t have been a shade I usually reach for but I love how it looks on (never judge a book by its cover and what not). Aside from a gorgeous Mandara Spa body set (and a stick of rock as a souvenir from the seaside) from my friend Ross, these were the only gifts I had bought and as the rest of the day progressed, was instead handing vouchers and a generous amount of money.

It’s safe to say my ASOS voucher didn’t last long as I knew exactly what I desired, and that was this boho style, classic dress. I’ve decided it will be the dress I travel in as it’s ideal for this muggy weather we’re experiencing, it’s lightweight and comfortable, not too short and can be paired with an oversized shirt if it gets a little chilly on the plane. I may even give my Mango sandals their first wear!

Now, on to the final yet favourite part of having a birthday; lavishing in the high end pieces and waltzing around town making sure the posh bags are on show and the Primark bags are hidden (surely I’m not the only one who does this?). Being a blogger, the what you could call much more expensive than the ‘normal’ makeup is always in sight and demonstrated, meaning I’m successfully influenced into trying it out for myself. Choosing some neutral colours for my quad MAC palette proved extremely difficult but I finally decided on All That Glitters, Naked Lunch, Shroom and Satin Taupe.They make the essential pinky/brown nudes that are ideal for the summer. I’m thrilled to finally own a MAC eyeshadow palette, even if it is only the starter pack! The Illamasqua Sculpting Duo is another prized possession that I’m happy to have. I’m trying to get more into contouring and the stunning, highly pigmented golden shades in this duo will set me off on the right track. Finally, there’s a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick. I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a Matte Revolution lipstick for so long now and the pleasant experience I had in Harvey Nichols urged me to reach for Amazing Grace. It definitely made me feel less guilty about washing away £23 of my birthday money without second thought.

That’s all (for now), my birthday money is spent but it doesn’t mean I haven’t built up another wishlist ready for next year, or for Christmas which is now less than 6 months away! Arghhh.

Bridie x