Wednesday Wishlist: the sunglasses edit


The sun may have disappeared and the bitter cold days may be back in force but that doesn’t stop me from admiring and lusting over various pairs of sunglasses on both the high street and stretching towards the designer world. I’ve said to myself that this year will be the year I find some sunnies that A) aren’t too oversized for my oddly shaped head, B) don’t make me look like an alien and C) will be a staple pair that can be worn with pretty much every outfit come summer, winter and every other season between that (which is a hella’ lot in Yorkshire!).

I don’t think I have a certain style of sunglasses that I’m drawn to. I love minimal, simple designs and colours but then again I like the ones which are a little off key and more ‘out there’, like the Zara striped ones I featured up at number one. I’m currently digging the cat eye trend but I think I’d have to try a pair on to decide whether or not they’d suit me. I’d probably end up hating the way they fit and immediately start wishing I could be that girl that could wear novelty Primark sunglasses and still look hot. I suppose it’s worth a go, I’ll update you on my verdict once I get sunglasses shopping!

Are any sunglasses tickling your fancy this season?

Bridie x