Sunday Natter: a round of 2015’s best moments

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We’re now 3 days into 2016, yet I’m still finding myself holding onto 2015 and the significance it weighed on life in general. I reflected a great deal in my last post of the year but I felt as though I waffled on about the in depth, fundamental stuff and less about the fun, light-hearted topics. We spend so much time gaining pleasure from what’s going on around us in the industry and personally, a good 50% of my procrastination comes from committing half the day to watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, to then discovering what giraffe’s like for their tea and how much Kardashian flesh is next to be on show. There’s plenty of room for both sides of life; I think it provides a playful vibe opposed to the serious drudgery which is why in my first Sunday Natter of 2016, before I say goodbye to the previous year completely and before reality returns tomorrow, I’d love to share my top 5 moments in a variety of areas and I’d love to hear your side of the view too!



Best Twitter moment | Danny Dyer’s shade throwing at the vile Katie Hopkins. He didn’t even have to try, the burn just came naturally. Yet another reason to bow down to the cockney fellow.


Best vine moment | it has to be the original Hotline Bling re-edited with wii tennis being the main principal. Hilarious!


Best Instagram moment | most people will slush over Beyonce’s sass or Beckham’s bod (as will I most days) but for me it’s Lionel Richie’s publicising of his own song at Glastonbury. Just look at that self promoting, festival adapted face.


Best Facebook moment | the girl who outed a cheater by asking the world of Facebook to help her find the man she grew fond of on a night out. Absolutely the best and worst revelation, I didn’t know whether to howl with laughter or feel sorry for the poor victims.


Best YouTube moment | The Guacamole Song by Dr. Jean. Weirdly creepy, annoying but oh so bizarre that you just can’t help but watch on repeat.



Best blog post | Big Fashionista’s extremely sarcastic yet spot on take on a women’s Christmas gift guide and the controversial nonsense on periods (like men in parliament knows remotely anything about a woman’s luxury).


Blogging cliche | it’s a draw between those Chloe Faye bags (or a dupe version in my eyes) and that H&M marble tray!


Lifestyle blogger | From Roses – I’ve been a long term admirer of Rebecca’s blog and it just keeps growing strength to strength. Her motivation boosting tips are my ultimate favourite restorative.


Beauty blogger | Tea Party Beauty – Hayley’s take on discussing beauty products and adding a twist with her classic expectations vs reality always attracts me in. Plus, I had the pleasure of meeting her this year and she’s just as lovely and strong willed as imagined.


Fashion blogger | Emma from ejstyle – her minimalistic, effortless style makes me want to purchase allll the swish knitwear and coats.



Best album | it’s a tie between James Bay’s Chaos and the Calm, or Bieber’s incredible head turner – Purpose. Don’t judge, you know we all went there this year.


Best song | it just has to be Adele – Hello, right?!


Best music video | Carly Rae Jepsen’s I Really Like You; albeit not a huge fan, Tom Hanks lip syncing to a somewhat cheesy pop song is highly amusing. Most random partnership ever.


Best music highlight | another tie between Kanye’s VMA speech and the powerful ginge that is Ed Sheeran selling out three nights at Wembley stadium with no materialistic gimmicks, just himself, his magical voice, and guitar.


Best comeback | aside from Adele (again), it has to be Paul McCartney returning with two of the biggest American artists. Strangely it worked, although I’d much rather wish it was possible for a Beatles return.



Best pick me up | spending hours colouring in my newly found adult colouring book, because there’s nothing like washing your troubles away than getting lost in a splash of extravagance.


Best breakthrough | Ireland voting yes to equal rights, nothing makes me happier than seeing humans marry through pure love and care, no matter what the gender.


Best trend | the tie neck, skinny scarf and 70s flares. Here’s to hoping they never die out.


Best good deed | I spent my winnings on Christmas presents for the people who deserved them. Possibly the least selfish thing I’ve ever done.


Best outing | surprisingly, revisiting the unappreciated loves in my hometown at Christmas time with a stop off at another unearthed local glory for coffee and cake.



Best book | The Girl On The Train, the most gripped I’ve ever been in a fictional story.


Best film | gosh, there were just so many fantastic film makers this year. The winner has to be Inside Out, Pixar gave me all of the feels.


Best TV programme | Gogglebox wins again for me this year, it’s provided many laugh out loud moments from the comfort of my own sofa.


Best app | 2015 was the year I uncovered Facetune, and my inner hunger for Instagram brightness and self-esteem has thanked me ever since.


Best couple | T.Swift and Calvin Harris, a dashing pairing if I ever did see one. I’m not even the biggest fan of Taylor but I ship them both beyond belief.


Let me know your top five!


Bridie x