2015’s Autumn/Winter Primark haul

Yes, it’s that time of year again; the season change means it’s a perfectly reasonable excuse to go on a mass raid in Primark. Primark is my one true love all year round but there’s something about the autumn/winter stock that draws me in more than the spring/summer.

On my annual trip (or should I say trips over the past few months, definitely trying to justify my obsessive spending) I’ve noticed Primark is starting to appear a lot less Primark-y. I don’t know how on earth I’m meant to explain that, but with the obvious risen prices comes much better quality and more expensive looking pieces which I’d willingly pay opposed to walking into Topshop or Zara and finding a near identical garment for treble the price!

You’ll probably notice a familiar colour palette within this haul, the typical ‘Autumn’ shades should I say. I’m falling (proud pun intended) for my ultimate rust, tan, and neutral colours along with the odd pretty blouse that will forever be a part of my instant fashion attraction. I’m also sticking to my trusty styles such as roll necks, a-line skirts and block heeled boots. Spending loads (in both time and money) isn’t always my intention but it’s guaranteed it will always happen. As the saying goes, pop into Primark for a pair of socks, walk out with a bag full and no socks you especially entered the store for, and on that note I will crack on with showing you what I picked up…

Despite purchasing way too much and overcrowding my closet even further, I feel like I’m not done with the Primark splurging just yet. As the winter stock continues to stream in, my eyes are continuously open for any other additions I can include in my winter wardrobe. As the cold weather moves in I often go through a stage of hating all my clothes and I think Primark is such a great starting place for mixing things up a little. As the temperatures are dropping this week I’m in need of a cuddly, fluffy and warm scarf so once again, Primark is where I’ll be heading. I love their knitwear, from accessories to their £5 jumpers. They’ve also got a pretty wonderful homeware collection out at the moment, along with some fur coats moving in (can you tell I’m such a Primark tracker?!). If I do manage to grab a fab find or two, I may even update this blog post with the new extras so be prepared to keep your eyes peeled (as much as I do when I’m wandering round the Trinity store with my wheely basket). In all honesty, I’m surprised the security guard on the doors doesn’t know my name by memory.

Have you been Primark shopping lately?

Bridie x

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