20 Simple Ways To Be Kinder

The devastating events happening right now, this moment, whether reported or hidden, is enough to bring the happiest of people down. The breaking news of hatred, violence, prejudice and dehumanising can often get emotionally draining. I know I’ve gotten to the point where I fear the right to freedom and am constantly reminded of the badness, the senseless acts of tragedy instead of the beauty in the world. It’d be easy for me to focus on the shocking events, to express my deep anger and upset; in fact I was all set on preparing one of my lengthened, ranty Sunday Natter posts (I’m a day late again, give me a telling off for being so useless) but I decided against it last minute. Instead, I thought of turning the tables – taking something bad and making it into a little challenge we can set ourselves to contribute towards adding acceptance, embracing positivity and spreading love across the globe!

There is nothing more important than kindness. You could be the most substantial person on the planet but those who are inspiring, powerful and most of all, kind are always remembered for making a difference. Whether it’s with the biggest or smallest gesture, taking a tiny fraction of time out of your daily life to be randomly nice can not only bring you satisfaction but may just be the reason someone’s decided to get out of bed on a morning and strive for all they are worth. Kindness goes a long way, so here’s twenty ways you can inject some thoughtful, good deeds into your schedule for the benefit of others well being and happiness. 


Compliment a person with meaning. Tell the lady you cross in the street that you love her outfit, reply to an uploaded photo with a hoard of ego boosting words, tell the first person you meet on a morning that they look lovely today. You should know from experience how rewarding it is to receive such a genuine remark – it can pick you up right away.


Offer to help someone in need. Whether that’s with someone struggling with bags in the street, or an elderly neighbour who needs some company and a few groceries from Asda. It’s amiable to offer a hand.


Support the work of others. You’ll interact with so many people on a daily basis and probably shrug off their hard work at your convenience. Supporting their trademark is easy peasy; for your local area – buy from their independent company, for the bloggers and vloggers – leave a comment, like, retweet, show your interest and for the campaigns – get behind them as best you can!


Acknowledge a homeless person. It breaks my heart every time I pass a bundle of frail and disadvantaged huddled on the floor – I can only imagine how much it means for someone to approach them, talk to them respectively and even offer to buy a hot drink or a bite to eat in their honour.  


Listen. Being open and aware to someone’s situation makes them feel understood and individually special. Showing empathy and warmth towards a problem they need to get off their chest or even to a story they’re excited to tell – you don’t even need to say a word, your pleasant, friendly expressions and genuine compassion says it all.


Contribute to charity. You can volunteer, donate to a cause that is always desperate for help and support or even just go out, raise awareness and impact on the influence. Buy extra food for a food bank, give your old, unwanted clothes to a charity shop – anything charitable is kind and considerate.


Surprise a friend with a gift. A gift that really defines them and shows you do pay attention to their likes and dislikes. It doesn’t even have to be for an occasion, proving they’re worth the effort at any giving time will be enlightening. 


Befriend the lonely person at an event. Social gatherings can be a struggle for some, it’s awkwardly painful to be stood on your own dealing with your shy company whilst everyone else around you is having fun. If you go over and introduce yourself, tell them they can gladly join you, then you’ve gained brownie points in their book. You could even be surprised at the in depth qualities you discover.


Remind a loved one just how much you love them. It’s nice to be told how cherished you are, not just face to face but by little indications left around for you to savour in. Write a card with a idolising verse, express your gratitude for their presence, show affection with a bear hug, even write down all the reasons why you love them for them to read when they need cheering up.


Offer your seat to someone on public transport. Politeness will always create a strong impression on the judgement the public automatically and inevitably award you. Giving up your seat out of caring goodwill to someone who needs it more is a quick act with a divergence.


Tip the waiter or waitress. Admittedly, I’m awful at this. I’m a ‘why should we pay extra’ kinda girl but it’s time for change. Yes, it’s their job to serve you but what’s a few pounds? For some, to have that in their pockets as a thank you for their service means they can deservedly put the money towards something for themselves.


Offer your place in the supermarket queue. Graciously tell the person behind you they can go before you, even if that means having to wait longer for your beloved food. Busy supermarkets can be a stressful place for some so if someone around them provides a road to a swift exit, it would be fully appreciated.


Smile wherever you go. I know it’s difficult to convey cheeriness when your mood represents that of a fish out of water but smiling is infectious. Turning your frown upside down has the ability to catch on to others and to elevate your thoughts and emotions. It’s actually quite exquisite to note the numerous smiles you receive back as you beam at every person you cross paths with! 


Overuse your manners. There isn’t a limit for the amount you say please and thank you, in fact speaking them until they roll off your tongue is the better option. Manners are the key to human interaction!


Realise how lucky you are. If there’s ever a way for you to step back, open your eyes and perceive the aura you’re surrounding by, it’s to consider yourself privileged in every way – because you are, the life you lead is amazing compared to the issues around the world. Beginning to cut the complaining can only lead on to improved joy for both yourself and others around you. 


Send flowers. To someone you know is going through a difficult time with their health or their general life. Receiving a bunch of beautifully arranged bright colours and fresh scents is bound to alleviate their personal battles, even if it is just for a little while.


Praise. Approving someone’s performance, achievements and accomplishments will spur them on to progress further. Tell someone they’re doing amazing, be the one on their feet during an applause, over exaggerate the talent of the child’s unreadable drawing. We all need the confirmation we’re doing well – even if you don’t think it’s the most fantastic piece, still pass your positivity forward for them to relish in.


Say yes to the child nagging you to play. As much as you’d like to ignore their wallowing whines and desperate need to always be in action and instead slump back and close your eyes, do the polar opposite. A child needs stimulation and an adult role in their imaginative games will add to their learning. AND, you might even enjoy yourself!


Make amends. You can’t hold grudges forever; as tough as it might be to forgive, regaining your trust and allowing peace to flow between you both means you’ll be able to build that tenderness back up to a level you’re content with.


Be kind to yourself. Being kind to yourself starts first. You can only share that humanitarian desire to be generous, gentle and good-hearted once you change and become familiar with your own mentality. The rest will swiftly follow

How do you inject kindness into your schedule? I hope this post picked up the miserable Monday vibes!

Bridie x


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